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In Akasztó – located on the Plain between the Danube and Tisza rivers - animal breeding has age-long traditions. The lick barren around the village allows of extensive rearing resting on grazing.
The countryside is the part of Nature Reservation of Kiskunság, thanks to the unique plant associations. However, grazing - as a kind of activity, which is proper to protect the original status of the land – is not only permitted but desirable. Néma Ltd. has been developing its concern here, in these special circumstances. Now their breeding stock consists of more than 250 Hungarian spotted cattles.
Németh family has been dealing with animal breeding for generations. They breed slaughter cattle from spring to summer in their farm, which exists in its present form since 2000.
Slaughter cattle

The primal aim of breeding is production of higher grade beef cattle, mostly for export, and raising of breeding cattle. Hungarian spotted cattle has been a decisive kind of cattle in the country for more than 150 years, thanks to its good adaptability, excellent slaughter value and high quality of its meat. Its popularity might due to the placid temperament and outstanding calf rearing ability of these animals.
The company is trying to domesticate the French blonde d’aquitane cattle here, in the lick barren. The stock they have bought in the last few months is used to help breed rearer cattle and in genetic improvement. Being crossbred with the Hungarian spotted cattle and because of its grand reproductive trait the blonde d’aquitane, as one of the most wanted kind of French cattle, can be even more advantageous choice. Just a few of the most important features of blonde aquitane: long phylum, excellent shape of meat, easy birth, fine bone structure and outstanding rate of bones and meat-tallow. Besides, its great growth factor means the ability to achieve a big weight gain during the breeding period.
This feature is especially advantageous in productive livestock breeding. According to experts quality indicators of cattle bred on lick barren are better, than any other. Plant population contains many kinds of grass with curative and renegerative power, which raise the vitality, lifetime and quality of meat of these animals. Fecundation is done free, with assorted stuck bulls, this way it is possible to keep the quality of beef cattle and rearer.
From the late autumn to spring cattle live in half-closed stable-system made from wood with reed roof, which is ideal for this kind of animals. Their feed is produced by the company: they grow silage maize, broomcorn, lucerne and other cereals. These self-grown plants are totally free from chemicals, because thanks to the special microclimate of the region they don’t need chemical protection. Gathering and conservation of the crop is done with the own engines of the company, so animals get natural and healthy feed while they are closed.


Reed processing is the other important activity of the company. Interest in this ancient, natural stuff has been recently more and more serious. One of its most important features is the excellent insulating property. Besides being environmentally sound, it is spectacular and it can be worked very diverse ways.
Gathering is done with the own engines of the company, just as purging, distribution and sheave. 90 percentage of the production is sold abroad, costumers are mostly from Germany, Netherlands and England, but they also satisfy inland needs. The company takes on not only the processing but also the workmanship. Buildings of Fishing Park and Restaurant of Akasztó are masterpieces of theirs.


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